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I Stood Beneath the Bell-Jar....

I remember back in 1984 during my job interview at
Stanford University Physics Department, my then future 
boss telling me; "You are standing under it" referring to
the bell-jar as he called it. It was about the size and  shape
of an early space capsule (one man) bell looking thing.

There it was hanging over my head What U ask? the bell-jar
man. U know the place where we mankind first split the atom...
way under ground...."my God it's full of stars" one physicist 
was said to have said.
Wow my future boss then (1984) was as Jaaazed up about that
as a football gamer about football....over.

Is it still there?.....where? ......... somewhere underground in the
physics department.....thats all i can tell U 4 fear that they might
come and try to silence me....i don't know if the bell-jar is still still could be. It was a part of a much bigger and
worldwide effort by many top scientist back in 1944 to split
the atom before anyone (country) else did it first. Both
Jews and Germans worked on this project which led to
the atomic bomb.

Thank U & no more ?'s 

Please scroll down to read my notes on physics.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Please Scroll Down to Read My Notes.

After reading the comment below
by Avalon 1. Please Scroll down to 
read my:
Excerpts From My Notes on Physics.
Public Note:
Clicking here will take U to my
proof, That I was RIGHT! in 1999
about black holes sucking in all 
matter, Then exploding outward 
again forming stars, life, etc.

Also I am researching static charge as a power 
source created & stored in special clothing etc.

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Thank You Avalon1 for Your Honest Comment.

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Thank you for sharing your research. IT is exactly the material I can work with for my own work of explaining our relaity through quantum physics. I would truly be interested in any more you have that is of this caliber.

Love and light

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Notes On Physics


Notes on physics. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Excerpts From My Notes On Physics

Excerpts From My Notes On Physics

Some notes go back to 1984 while I was
working at Stanford University in the
physics department.

This note is from 2007.

I am working on a one carbon
atom security identification
code using the 6 electrons
the 6 neutrons and the 6
protons that a carbon atom has.
It's like a combination lock with
18 numbers and each number
is full of data. It is all based on
computer code. More on this later.

This first excerpt is from 2000
while I was doing research on Medical Marijuana potency.

Sonic Reactor R&D.
The sonic reactor amplifies the ultraviolet (X Rays) and infrared
photospectrums with 3D biosonic radiation.
3D biosonic / photospectrum reactor chamber.
Yes No

1. For potency R&D and related testing.
2. Sonic / spectrum radiation testing for sterilization.
3. Static noise radiation(black,grey,white,colored)
and natural (random & unrandom) rhythem correlation
to light wave photospectrums, as related to potency research.
4. Each cycle will vary in duration with the increase / decrease
of the over all power output level,
of the 3D biosonic / photospectrum reactor chamber.

The power level changes coupled with the duration of
each cycle, will directly effect the potency of the medical THC.
(see test results)
5. Note: The higher the .../min.0 /] on the atomic analog rotary
clock switch,the lower the power reactor output& vise/versa.
(see atomic clock)
6. The radiation from the reactor chamber is infrared,
ultraviolet, X ray and 3D ultrasonic.
The combination of these three radiations in varied degrees
pointed at a single target, can be more than dangerous.
However, for my research very small amounts of this
radiation called: 3D biosonic / photo-spectrum radiation
is used, as in all other medical uses.

Quantum Leap.

7. To increase potency of THC,
the electrons in the atoms must be stimulated
by emissions of radiation, until they leap to higher
orbits. (Under the same formula as astrophysics)
where they will remain while increasing the life of the atom.
8. Using plutonium 241 (plutonium 238 bombarded
with high energy helium,used for medical research)
and infrared ultraviolet and 3D ultrasonic radiation.
Will stimulate the electrons when used in precise
combinations and strengths.

Excerpt #2. From 1999.

When sound speeds up, it becomes light.
And when sound slows down, it becomes matter.

Sound (sonics / 3D ultrasonics) is the key element
in light to matter and matter to light conversion.

Distance creates time. And both time and distance
create space. As the earth orbits the sun,
the distance it travels (motion&/or movement)
through space creates time.
Time is only relative to its perspective
location as it relates to its own perspective in the galaxy.
The closer you get to the center of the galaxy
(a black hole) the slower time moves, the shorter the distance
and the smaller the space.

(note From 1999)
All black holes implode and then explode again,
thus creating galaxies.
Under the same formula of a beating heart.
That is to say that when the whole prosses is sped
up in the minds eye, it appears much like a pump.

I believe that a black hole sucks in the whole
galaxy and then explodes outward as matter
forming a new galaxy, which gets sucked into its black hole
until it again explodes repeteing the cycle.
I believe that it is the left over matter of the explosion
of our own black hole the center of our galaxy
(which most people in the physics world believe to be
from a larger big bang beginning) that the physics world
is finding as a sign of the pumping black hole.
NOT "Big Bang"

I am clipping this little note here October -3-2008:
All the gamma-ray explosions seen in the equipment
orbiting our earth, are black holes exploding in distant space.
This fact has already been proven.  (added for clarity).

Excerpt # 3. From 2001 From a letter.

Would very much like to converse with you
on the theoretical applied aspects of faster than light travel.
It's a rare opportunity to bounce ideas off a
learned man such as yourself
...more of this one latter....

Excerpt # 4. From 12/19/2000.

Right now I am working on a project involving
research and development (R&D) of high potency
medical cannabis. To increase the potency and
strength of the cannabis, I had to develop a hybrid
technology combining light wave spectrums and 3D ultrasonics.
Stimulated by emissions of radiation from plutonium 241
(plutonium 238 bombarded with high energy helium)
which is used for medical research and ionization technology
(smoke detectors) I had to stimulate the electrons within each
of the 4 atoms in the THC molecule, until they quantum leaped
to higher orbits around their nucleuses.
Under the same formula in astrophysics as related
to planets &/or satellites orbiting stars or planets.
The higher the orbit the longer the life span & positive charge.
So it is with electrons orbiting nucleuses, the higher
(more positivly charged) the quantum leap,
the more potent & longer lasting freshness.

3D ultrasonics works with light wave spectrums
(x ray, ultraviolet, infrared) I had to design engineer
a 3D (3 dimensional) biosonic /photospectrum reactor to
cause the quantum leap. This leap is the first step towards
light to matter and matter to light conversion.

A lot of my backround in physics I got while working at
Stanford University physics department in 1984 on the Ronald
(partical beam Raygun) Reagan Star Wars Project which also
was heavily tied in with Lawrence Livermore Labs.
The rest I call improvisasional physics based on theoretical
intuitive knowledge.

Excerpt # 5. From 2001.

Artificial Gravity.

Ultrasonics & 3D ultrasonics as related to the tone
generated by photons with respect to each spectrum
and its matter to light conversion rate (MLCR)
as it directly relates to sonic speed and direction.
1. 3D ultrasonic storage ring.
2. Super 3D ultrasonic accelerator/deaccelerator


When light slows down it becomes sound.
When sound slows down it becomes matter.
While slowing down the ultraharmonics of all 12 tones
3 dimensionaly spiraling downward,while simultaneously
spiraling upward gaining in speed.

Within a solid crystal sphere
(about the sizeof a large marball)
when targeted on by 3D ultrasonics
(all 24 tones spiraling 12 up &12 down)
at the center of the sphere, there will be
a gravitational vortex changing light to matter & vise/versa.
First the light waves will start in the ultraspectrum
(not seen by the eye) as itgradualy changes from light to matter.
As the light changes to the visable spectrum you will note
that the color of the light has a purple tint to it. This has nothing
to dowith the ultraviolet spectrum & has more to do with
the same reason why stars moving away from earth shift
to the red spectrum and stars coming toward
the earth shift to the blue spectrum.

Excerpt # 6. From 11/30/2000.

1. The AARCS(atomic analog rotary clock switch)
controls both the power output and the cycle duration
of the 3D biosonic/photospectrum reactor chamber.
The AARCS radiogenesis standard time, military time,
and universal coordinated time.
2. Atomic clock power source: radiogenesis
uCi 1.0 Microcure, radioactive Americium
(plutonium 241) 3.70 X 10 4 (ten to the fourth power)
disintergrations per second.
The power range and cycles are as follows:
High 10 on the AARCS is low power in the
3D ultrasonic reactor chamber.
Low 10 on theAARCS is high power in the chamber.
At high 10 (low power) the AARCS is 10.../min
(ten revolutions per minute. At medium 7-7 1/4,
the AARCS is 1.0-.05.../min.
(1 to 0 revolutions per minute)

Excerpt # 7. From 9/10/2001.

Excerpt # 8. From 1984.

Storage Ring.
From the electron gun (which is as long as a football field)
electrons are shot into a storage ring
(also the size and shape ofa football field.
These electrons moving at 99.999999999% the speed of light,
continue to move inside the ring for 72 hours at which time
the electrons slow down to99.999999998% the speed of light
and continueto slow down to 99,999999996% the speed of light.
For the purpose of research, electrons are only good at
99.999999999% the speed of light.
During the first 72 hours.

Excerpt # 9. From 1984.Particle Beam.

Currently working on the Ronald Reagen
(Ronald Ray-gun) Star Wars project at StanfordUniversity.
Electrons moving 99.999999999% the speed of light within
a storage ring are amplified byhigh emissions of radiation.

_____amplified radiation /beam / ========= OO * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * electron
gun* * storage ring See notes on physics continued for diagram.
The amplified electrons create a particle beamwhich can be seen as dark blue.

L ( x, x ̇ ) = T V
The variation of coordinate and velocity components in the integral in Eq.  when at an extremum, yields a recipe that gives the Lagrange–Euler equations
A generalized coordinate is often a simple Cartesian distance (x, y, or z), but may also be an angle, as naturally found in cylindrical or spherical polar coordinate systems.
of motion,
d 􏰁L􏰂 L
dt x ̇ x =0.
L dt = 0. 
Variational methods and phase space⋆ 
The power of these equations is first and foremost in that they rigorously generate forces of constraint and “fictitious forces” such as those arising from centripetal acceleration. This is a significant accomplishment, but one that is eventually overshadowed by the use of the Lagrangian to form the basis of constructing a Hamiltonian function,page18image25072 page18image25232 page18image25392
H(x, p) p⃗ · x ̇ L

Excerpt # 10. 1984 Shrinking down the monster

Size of two football fields) to fit into a satellite.
(Not possible with this design)
A better design is to use 5 satellites orbiting the earth
as the storage ring. Each satellite to be used as both
electrongun and amplified sorce of radiation.
Each satellite can be aimed at (?)
object and fired individually or all at once and/or
each satellite can fire on its own target.

page18image25072 page18image25232 page18image25392

(I am adding this new note on 11-07)


With enough money A world government
or an individual like myself, could build a 
system of satellites in synchronous orbit 
around the earth. This system, a partical 
beam weapon could be on one mans voice
command such as a President etc. This man 
could literally call fire down from heaven with 
GPS precision.

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